Application is required and there are strict time commitments of at least one full day per month. Full and partial scholarships available based on need.

The application period for Class XXXVI (2020-21) is now closed.


  1. Strongly professed interest and commitment to serve the Pulaski County area beyond the training period. Willingness to devote time to Leadership Greater Little Rock in terms of attendance and field projects during the program.
  2. An occupational commitment to remain in the Pulaski County area or little likelihood of transfer in the immediate future.
  3. Community and/or civic service leadership as evidenced by the breadth and level of involvement in non-employment-related volunteer activities within the Pulaski County area, or demonstration of interest in becoming more involved.
  4. Demonstration of leadership skills and abilities on the job.
  5. Demonstration of strong interpersonal skills and a tendency to be proactive on issues of concern to the community.
  6. Ability to make a substantive contribution to the program, both in terms of issues and projects, as well as networking with peers.
  7. Financial and time commitment of applicant’s employer or sponsoring organization for applicant to participate in Leadership Greater Little Rock.
  8. Applicants to LGLR may not participate simultaneously or concurrently with other local, regional or state leadership programs.
  9. Must have lived or worked in the Pulaski County area for a minimum of one year.


An anonymous selection committee will give careful attention to choosing a class that represents a cross-section of the community and reflects its diversity with a balanced gender, race, socio-economic and geographic representation that closely parallels the demographics of the metropolitan area. Participants will be active in business, education, the arts, government, non-profit and community-based organizations. Chamber membership is not a requirement for participation, but is encouraged.


The Leadership Greater Little Rock program consists of ten full-day sessions plus a two-day out-of-town orientation retreat. Sessions are usually held on the third Thursday each month
from October through June. Some sessions will be conducted by the class members and will require planning time over and above scheduled class time. Additional projects may be assigned. Program participants are expected to attend each monthly session.


The tuition fee for each participant selected is payable in full prior to the class announcement. A limited number of scholarships are available, and they are usually reserved for individuals employed by non-profit organizations or with government or education agencies.