Alumni Association


Upon completion of the Leadership Greater Little Rock program, participants are eligible for membership in the Leadership Greater Little Rock Alumni Association. Members strive to continue the ongoing process of leadership development for the Pulaski County area.

Thank you to these LGLR Alumni members for renewing your membership for 2019-20. We appreciate your continued support of LGLR!


The mission of LGLRA is to make a noticeable, positive difference in the quality of life in the greater Little Rock area by developing and integrating the strengths and talents of our individual members.


  1. To encourage community leadership;
  2. To educate such leadership about and acquaint it with community needs, problems, and opportunities;
  3. To offer a forum to explore methods for dealing with those needs;
  4. To challenge LGLRA members with community involvement and decision making opportunities; and
  5. To provide continuing leadership training for LGLRA members.


  1. To develop or strengthen relationships within LGLRA by securing the commitment of alumni to the mission, purposes and goals of LGLRA.
  2. To develop or improve relationships among regions, races, and religions within the greater Little Rock area.
  3. To enhance LGLRA community involvement by developing the organization into an action-oriented group to address significant issues along with other leading community organizations such to position the organization as a meaningful force in improving the community.
  4.  To develop LGLRA members’ knowledge, awareness and interest about community issues by sponsoring and participating in public issues-oriented events.

To order a replacement CLASS NAME TAG, please copy and paste the exact information in red below and email it to Steven Pawloski at Arkansas Office Products (AOP) at this email address:  ~ Your payment of $15 will be made directly to Arkansas Office Products ~


~ Line #1 First Name

~ Line #2 Last Name

~ Line #3 Class # (using Roman numerals & class yearsex. Class XXXIII: 2017-18)

If you were a class chair, your Line #3 would be either Class Chairman or class Co-Chairman and you would add a Line #4 and put your Class number/years on that line.

The company that originally made the LGLR name tags is no longer in business. So, while Arkansas Office Products has a list of class numbers and general name tag colors, they do not have a sample of the specific colors, unless you were in Class XXXII, XXXIII or XXXIV. Therefore, please ask a classmate to take a photo of your class name tag and attach the photo to the email along with the order information above. AOP will do their best to match the original color.